Rhythm and Praise Charitable Fund

Kristina Halloway

Stellar Award winning GOSPEL artist, Kristina Halloway announces her support for Rhythm & Praise!!

Kristina Halloway

Ask about the latest explosive talent in gospel music today and you will find that Kristina Halloway is your answer. With a bleeding edge fusion of inspirational sound and infectious pop music, Kristina Halloway is set to make her mark within a new genre of gospel music her production squad has dubbed “GosPop,” effectively making her First Lady of the genre and bringing a message of hope to the masses with enough energy to power several cities.

Kristina is also working closely with Rhythm and Praise. Kristina strong believes in the cause and mission of Rhythm & Praise. Kristina says “I strongly urge the urban youth to get involved with Rhythm & Praise events. Spending time with the Rhythm & Praise community, will help the youth in realizing their maximum potential”. Kristina will be an active participant in the various upcoming Rhythm and Praise events.


The Rhythm and Praise Charitable Fund is a Fiscally sponsored project of United Charitable, a registered 501(c)(3) Public Charity.