There is a direct correlation between education and income disparity. One of the pillars of our foundation is to help reduce the education gap in the inner city. In order to reduce education disparity Rhythm and Praise will partner with local educators, think tanks, government bodies and other key community stake-holders to create innovative solutions to complex problems that face various inner city communities. We understand the dynamics of each community is different and there is no one cookie cutter approach that will work. After each event, we plan to facilitate sessions that will lead to actionable and measureable strategies. We also recognize education can be a politically charged issue and our foundation plans to keep political bias out of the process. Our overall goal is to bring the brightness minds together to help uplift the most vulnerable in our society with an actionable solution.



The Rhythm and Praise Charitable Fund is a Fiscally sponsored project of United Charitable, a registered 501(c)(3) Public Charity.